The devil has all the best shots

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Would you lay your hands on an angel?

10 x 8 inch silver gelatin photograph and photogram print, 2011

Where is there anything but now?

5×7 inch silver gelatin photograph, 2001

All that power went to my head


5×7 inch silver gelatin photograph and photogram print with x-ray slide, 2010

Louis, aged 8


10 x 8 inch Gelatin Silver photograph, 2010

Room Service

Our friends and relations over at Perlasix often provide the soundtrack for Wanton+Furious’ late nights in the lab.  This new demo, Room Service, takes their sense of claustrophobic nihilism a step further again.  Word has it that they’re working on an EP or “maybe an album”. We’re not holding our breath (they’ve been saying this since 1994).  But we ARE listening to this.

And we ARE looking at those chandeliers. They hang so pretty.

I moved

in circles to the beat.

I hanged


but I’m ok.

I died


in my dream.

We found ourselves

090816_164228On the ground.

We are wanton



and we are furious.

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