About w+f

This site is about photographs I make.  It also explores some of the thinking and feeling behind them, so you might occassionally find some ostensibly off-topic meanderings.  It may be clear to you how these relate to the photographs.  It may not.

I’ve been making photographs since my early teen years spent in the Black Forest, Germany.  That’s a long time ago.

I try to explore the subjectivity, mutability and transience of sight, both in my choice of subject and in the manipulations I apply during the printing process. There: that sounded arty, didn’t it.

My prints are made using the gelatin silver process, often on prepared paper, which has been scored, marked or otherwise treated prior to exposure.  I also use a range of found materials to filter, mask or distort the final image.

The scanned images you see on this website are a pretty poor representation of the real, analogue and unique prints.  You can copy and redisribute the images on this site, for non-commercial purposes. It would be nice if you could credit me when doing so.

Parts of this site refer to wanton+furious (punk chocolatiers). You can find out more about that by following @wantonfurious.